Katy's Story

Katy was a college student on track to graduate in June of 2016 before her life was tragically cut short in a senseless act of relationship violence. She died of an anoxic brain injury following strangulation.  Katy had a strong interest in the science of the brain and had planned to pursue graduate studies in speech/language pathology in the future. She had a vision to give others a voice.


Raising Awareness

The Katy Straalsund Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and the prevention of relationship violence in young people. We seek to share Katy’s story with young people to show the real and serious consequences of relationship violence.

Domestic violence is common and the consequences are serious. You can make a difference. Start here. 


Sharing Katy’s Dream 

The Foundation is currently raising funds for the establishment of the Katy Straalsund Endowed Memorial Scholarship at the University of Washington. This scholarship will be provided to an undergraduate student within the college of speech and hearing sciences interested in communication and the treatment of brain injury. Brain injury is a very real and serious consequence of domestic violence. The scholarship will continue this dialogue and give Katy and others affected a voice.

But it doesn't stop there! KSMF plans to promote hope and healing across college campuses. We will select deserving students pursuing healing professions to support through scholarship, and build a future where love conquers violence.